Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Jimmy Dean Saga

riverscuomo172 (12:48:31 AM): James Joyce had traveled through time to save books but now we've killed him in the present
riverscuomo172 (12:48:54 AM): it's like the best Ray Bradbury short story ever
funkothealmighty (12:49:07 AM): lol
funkothealmighty (12:49:23 AM): what about Ham Hawk Overdrive
riverscuomo172 (12:50:06 AM): is that a story or a new Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast item
funkothealmighty (12:51:51 AM): its a story told on a Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast item
funkothealmighty (12:51:58 AM): you have to purchase them in chapters
funkothealmighty (12:52:04 AM): they are in the frozen books section
riverscuomo172 (12:53:59 AM): if you don't preheat them properly you lose whole sections of the plot
funkothealmighty (12:54:28 AM): wait why have the space truckers lost the transmission to delicious baked sausage tube mountain?
riverscuomo172 (12:55:16 AM): I'm going to need to buy another package of "JIMMY DEAN CH. 5 WELCOME TO THE FLAVOR ZONE MR. PRESIDENT" before I can really know
funkothealmighty (12:57:43 AM): "JIMMY DEAN CH. 6 A RECAP OF OUR DELICOUSNESS" isn't worth it
riverscuomo172 (12:58:34 AM): yeah they went too much for a sodium metaphor and left it too packed with old flavor
funkothealmighty (12:58:44 AM): ha ha ha
riverscuomo172 (1:01:08 AM): do you think Jimmy Dean has ever considered food storytelling
funkothealmighty (1:02:39 AM): i bet it came up at a a board meeting
funkothealmighty (1:02:43 AM): but was shot down
funkothealmighty (1:03:19 AM): by the gravy lobbyist
riverscuomo172 (1:05:09 AM): it's very difficult to have coherent narratives in the gravystream
funkothealmighty (1:05:48 AM): yes
funkothealmighty (1:06:12 AM): gravy is more of a performance piece
riverscuomo172 (1:07:08 AM): I agree


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