Sunday, February 1, 2009

Haiku to the mind

riverscuomo172 (11:03:29 PM):I want to hang out for one day with Blagojevich just to hear his thoughts
funkothealmighty (11:07:38 PM):like in his head?
funkothealmighty (11:07:44 PM):i can tell you what that is
riverscuomo172 (11:07:51 PM):ok
funkothealmighty (11:11:36 PM):SEX! HOLD ON!
funkothealmighty (11:11:38 PM):HOLD ON!
funkothealmighty (11:11:43 PM):CANDY IS GOOD!
funkothealmighty (11:11:45 PM):KILL!
funkothealmighty (11:11:46 PM):KILL!
funkothealmighty (11:11:55 PM):I WANT THAT!
funkothealmighty (11:11:58 PM):LOVE!
funkothealmighty (11:12:07 PM):HERE IT COMES HIDE FROM IT!
riverscuomo172 (11:12:34 PM):I feel like I know him now and what he needs
funkothealmighty (11:12:39 PM):lol
riverscuomo172 (11:13:37 PM):do you offer any other tours of people's psyches
funkothealmighty (11:16:43 PM):no
funkothealmighty (11:16:46 PM):not as of yet
funkothealmighty (11:16:56 PM):we're working on getting hemingway
funkothealmighty (11:17:02 PM):it starts out
funkothealmighty (11:17:05 PM):CATS!
funkothealmighty (11:17:07 PM):SIX TOES!
funkothealmighty (11:17:11 PM):LITTLE BOYS!!!
riverscuomo172 (11:17:50 PM):HUNT HUNT HUNT AFRICA SHOTGUN!
funkothealmighty (11:17:58 PM):lol
funkothealmighty (11:18:11 PM):these should be turned into a series of haikus
funkothealmighty (11:18:19 PM):haikus into famous people's souls


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