Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fig Newton's

funkothealmighty (7:50:00 PM): wouldn't that be terrible
funkothealmighty (7:50:09 PM): if you missed a real chance at something great
funkothealmighty (7:50:17 PM): because you put up an offensive away message
artzachary (7:50:19 PM): i'd be real sad
artzachary (7:50:22 PM): and what's offensive
artzachary (7:50:26 PM): other than poor spelling
funkothealmighty (7:50:48 PM): CuteyMcCuterson: Hey you wanna fuck?
funkothealmighty (7:50:59 PM): AWAY MESSAGE: I ONLY DO OLD PEOPLE!
artzachary (7:51:03 PM): haha
funkothealmighty (7:51:10 PM): CuteyMcCuterson: Oh, sorry.
artzachary (7:51:20 PM): that would be tragic
artzachary (7:51:24 PM): tragic indeed
funkothealmighty (7:51:27 PM): you: NO!!!!!!!
artzachary (7:51:29 PM): but ben, i am just that dedicated
artzachary (7:51:30 PM): to comedy
funkothealmighty (7:51:38 PM): OldeyMcOlderson: Hey hon!
funkothealmighty (7:51:47 PM): you: DAMMIT YOU KNOW IM ONLINE!
funkothealmighty (7:52:00 PM): you: Alright, lets get this over with
artzachary (7:52:04 PM): hahaha
artzachary (7:52:25 PM): i don't know man
artzachary (7:52:29 PM): i've never had sex with an old person
artzachary (7:52:31 PM): who knows?
artzachary (7:52:34 PM): maybe it's awesome
funkothealmighty (7:53:01 PM): its sorta like wedging a hotdog in some fig newtons
artzachary (7:53:17 PM): a great idea?
artzachary (7:53:19 PM): the greatest idea?


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