Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busey 1999

f*y (7:56:56 PM):the focus is going to die here
r*2 (7:57:19 PM):washed out to sea
funkothealmighty (7:57:24 PM):oooh
funkothealmighty (7:57:27 PM):that would be a good way to go
funkothealmighty (7:57:33 PM):if it makes it long enough
funkothealmighty (7:57:46 PM):when i end up needing to leave it in georgia
funkothealmighty (7:57:51 PM):just drive it into the ocean
riverscuomo172 (7:58:06 PM):it can be found later for scrap metal
funkothealmighty (7:58:15 PM):the circle of life
riverscuomo172 (7:58:22 PM):and a potential investigative news story
riverscuomo172 (7:58:30 PM):"Who Died in this Focus?"
funkothealmighty (7:58:33 PM):lol
funkothealmighty (7:58:51 PM):Texas man tries to fake own death says "Everyone has known i've been alive this whole time."
riverscuomo172 (8:00:16 PM):"Government agency impressed with thought, skill that went into death forgery."
funkothealmighty (8:00:25 PM):lol
riverscuomo172 (8:02:56 PM):a cunning attempt, but not good enough
funkothealmighty (8:03:17 PM):sounds like a Gary Busey story
funkothealmighty (8:03:22 PM):if he were a writer
riverscuomo172 (8:03:34 PM):The Car I Drove Into The Ocean To Not Fake My Own Death
funkothealmighty (8:03:39 PM):lol
funkothealmighty (8:03:44 PM):By Gary Busey
funkothealmighty (8:03:57 PM):with forwad by Neils Bohr's Corpse
riverscuomo172 (8:06:29 PM):yes only the man who discovered the nucleus can truly introduce a writer like Busey
riverscuomo172 (8:11:06 PM):what other stories would he write
funkothealmighty (8:14:47 PM):hmm
funkothealmighty (8:15:11 PM):The day no P.I.G.S. would die
funkothealmighty (8:15:18 PM):Persons
funkothealmighty (8:15:26 PM):Indiscriminantly
funkothealmighty (8:15:29 PM):Godly
funkothealmighty (8:15:32 PM):Science
riverscuomo172 (8:16:15 PM):The Man Who Drank Too Much Victory Juice and Became Gary Busey
funkothealmighty (8:16:23 PM):lol
funkothealmighty (8:17:01 PM):Leave That Alein On Zircon 77: The Gary Busey Story
riverscuomo172 (8:17:25 PM):the alien is what he believes the motorcycle was that he crashed on
funkothealmighty (8:17:36 PM):yes
funkothealmighty (8:18:16 PM):Who Are You?: The Story of How Gary Busey Realized He Had a Son When He Watched Starship Troopers
funkothealmighty (8:19:01 PM):man
riverscuomo172 (8:19:05 PM):No Love Lost: The Story Of How Gary Busey Returned Starship Troopers To The Video Store and Got An Even Better Son
funkothealmighty (8:19:07 PM):lost starts tonight
funkothealmighty (8:19:18 PM):and im gonna miss it until it comes on the internets
riverscuomo172 (8:19:24 PM):oh yeah
funkothealmighty (8:19:25 PM):HA HA HA HA
riverscuomo172 (8:20:47 PM):?
funkothealmighty (8:21:35 PM):your movie title
funkothealmighty (8:21:41 PM):it struck me
riverscuomo172 (8:22:51 PM):it is a good story
funkothealmighty (8:23:01 PM):yes
funkothealmighty (8:23:05 PM):told in movie title form
funkothealmighty (8:23:07 PM):a new genre
riverscuomo172 (8:23:30 PM):it was always there for the taking
riverscuomo172 (8:23:35 PM):but only now can it be realized
funkothealmighty (8:27:55 PM):yes
funkothealmighty (8:28:02 PM):FUTURE LIT 1999!
riverscuomo172 (8:28:19 PM):with Martin Landau
funkothealmighty (8:28:37 PM):
riverscuomo172 (8:31:53 PM):imagine that song with Gary Busey displayed for a full minute


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