Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a text message

funkothealmighty (10:14:08 PM):i sent a drunk text message to one of them last night that said "I want you more than this donut."
Mrmuppy (10:14:13 PM):most women are so surprised that they love it
Mrmuppy (10:14:15 PM):wow
Mrmuppy (10:14:18 PM):is that true?
funkothealmighty (10:14:21 PM):yes
Mrmuppy (10:14:21 PM):did that happen?
funkothealmighty (10:14:23 PM):yes
Mrmuppy (10:14:25 PM):like for reals?
funkothealmighty (10:14:27 PM):yes
Mrmuppy (10:14:29 PM):not haha, what a whacky ben story?
funkothealmighty (10:14:36 PM):>
funkothealmighty (10:14:39 PM):no
funkothealmighty (10:14:42 PM):that was real talk
Mrmuppy (10:14:47 PM):dude, YOU ARE IN!
funkothealmighty (10:14:49 PM):i got back a reply though
funkothealmighty (10:14:51 PM):so its all good
Mrmuppy (10:14:55 PM):of course
Mrmuppy (10:15:02 PM):you've got that "loose canon" thing going
Mrmuppy (10:15:06 PM):and the "dark stranger"
Mrmuppy (10:15:08 PM):being new in town
funkothealmighty (10:15:14 PM):"well I do come with sprinkles"
funkothealmighty (10:15:19 PM):and im not sure what that means
Mrmuppy (10:15:19 PM):well shit dude
Mrmuppy (10:15:26 PM):Duuuuude
Mrmuppy (10:15:29 PM):you know exactly what that means
funkothealmighty (10:15:30 PM):i hope it doesn't mean she has herpes
Mrmuppy (10:15:33 PM):HAHAHAHAHA


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