Sunday, February 1, 2009


funkothealmighty (5:15:35 PM):hello wall
riverscuomo172 (5:15:52 PM):hello girder?
funkothealmighty (5:16:57 PM):hello stud
riverscuomo172 (5:17:13 PM):good terminology all around
riverscuomo172 (5:18:00 PM):what's the word today
funkothealmighty (5:18:15 PM):sickness
funkothealmighty (5:18:21 PM):i just chugged some nyquil
riverscuomo172 (5:19:14 PM):has it improved anything
funkothealmighty (5:19:23 PM):its improved my outlook
riverscuomo172 (5:19:39 PM):it's like being drunk only with a worse aftertaste
funkothealmighty (5:20:00 PM):if this doesn't work in the next hour im going to cover my wang in cocaine
riverscuomo172 (5:20:16 PM):and call one of the three ladiez
funkothealmighty (5:20:20 PM):yeah
funkothealmighty (5:20:22 PM):and be like
funkothealmighty (5:20:33 PM):"Wanna get cockained?"
funkothealmighty (5:20:40 PM):"wait what?"
funkothealmighty (5:20:47 PM):LAST RESORT!
riverscuomo172 (5:21:13 PM):you'll have to be really nimble with the pronunciation so you can get the right reaction
funkothealmighty (5:21:21 PM):yeah
funkothealmighty (5:21:47 PM):ill just throw cocaine into her eyes
funkothealmighty (5:21:55 PM):and try to reenact bloodsport


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