Thursday, January 22, 2009


funkothealmighty (7:58:07 PM): if i was newton i would have invented a unit of measure that was set by my wang
artzachary (7:58:20 PM): why not
artzachary (7:58:33 PM): you're pretty much the best person who ever lived
artzachary (7:58:33 PM): so
artzachary (7:58:40 PM): might as well take advantage of this
funkothealmighty (8:00:28 PM): yeah
funkothealmighty (8:00:34 PM): but do you know that at the time?
funkothealmighty (8:00:37 PM): in Newton's case
funkothealmighty (8:00:39 PM): YES
artzachary (8:00:52 PM): yes
artzachary (8:01:05 PM): he was like the number one royal baller of the english court
funkothealmighty (8:01:09 PM): so i am surprised i don't weigh 3 NewtonFuckers
artzachary (8:01:14 PM): haha
funkothealmighty (8:01:46 PM): later people would say Newton was exaggerating
funkothealmighty (8:02:21 PM): but Leibniz knew the truth
funkothealmighty (8:04:34 PM): Newton came up with calculus after he figured out he could coax Leibniz into allowing him to shove ever larger things in his rectum by saying "Just an infinitesimally smaller bit more!"
artzachary (8:04:35 PM): are you implying that they shared love
artzachary (8:04:42 PM): which probably wouldn't speak it's name
artzachary (8:04:48 PM): oh wow
artzachary (8:04:52 PM): that is fantastic
funkothealmighty (8:05:02 PM): it was alot like the apple story
artzachary (8:05:08 PM): only newton was bent over
funkothealmighty (8:05:09 PM): only less approrprate for school
artzachary (8:05:14 PM): with his ass in the air
funkothealmighty (8:05:31 PM): yes
funkothealmighty (8:05:34 PM): gay physics
artzachary (8:05:48 PM): or as i call it
artzachary (8:05:49 PM): physics
funkothealmighty (8:05:51 PM): lol


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