Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flannery O'Space Lawyer

riverscuomo172 (5:26:22 PM):is it cold in Georgia
funkothealmighty (5:26:28 PM):a lil
riverscuomo172 (5:26:30 PM):as it is pretty chilly here for the most part
riverscuomo172 (5:26:45 PM):we need to heat the South
riverscuomo172 (5:26:48 PM):I am tired of this
funkothealmighty (5:27:12 PM):finish your book
funkothealmighty (5:28:02 PM):"Heating the south, How Flannery O'Connor is sooo hot"
riverscuomo172 (5:28:14 PM):that's right
riverscuomo172 (5:28:48 PM):"At the end of this chapter everyone needs to get really aroused and use your heat to make the atmosphere change"
funkothealmighty (5:28:54 PM):ill design the laser included in your book
funkothealmighty (5:29:03 PM):the sex laser
funkothealmighty (5:29:10 PM):powered by sex (allegedly)
riverscuomo172 (5:29:44 PM):but it's more like confusion
funkothealmighty (5:30:11 PM):yes
funkothealmighty (5:30:20 PM):i am confused as to what this book means
funkothealmighty (5:30:26 PM):BWOOOOOOOP
funkothealmighty (5:30:31 PM):::LASER TO THE FACE::
riverscuomo172 (5:30:53 PM):the laser is embedded in the pages
funkothealmighty (5:31:05 PM):yes
riverscuomo172 (5:31:20 PM):that's some powerful technology
funkothealmighty (5:31:37 PM):yes
funkothealmighty (5:31:38 PM):it is
funkothealmighty (5:31:59 PM):thats why they used to say Flannery Laser O'Connor
riverscuomo172 (5:32:59 PM):yeah there was a lot of tension in the household when she changed over to Flannery "Jamaica Joe" O'Connor without warning
funkothealmighty (5:33:56 PM):its like the invisible man
riverscuomo172 (5:34:39 PM):you should end your thesis at Georgia Tech with the same ending of your report for Towner
funkothealmighty (5:34:45 PM):lol
funkothealmighty (5:35:02 PM):and this is when my laser turned invisible
riverscuomo172 (5:36:15 PM):and defeated time
funkothealmighty (5:37:35 PM):yes
funkothealmighty (5:37:46 PM):Laser to the future (invisible)
riverscuomo172 (5:38:45 PM):with Marty McFly playing the invisible laser at his parents' prom and splitting Crispin Glover into two people
funkothealmighty (5:39:46 PM):and then starting a law firm in space that investigates the pelican brief
funkothealmighty (5:40:18 PM):LOOK AT ME! IM A TOUGH SMART SPACE LAWYER!
riverscuomo172 (5:40:45 PM):In Space Litigation, No One Can Hear You Scream "Objection"
funkothealmighty (5:40:50 PM):lol
riverscuomo172 (5:41:07 PM):Denzel in space would be a good move
riverscuomo172 (5:41:29 PM):and Julia Roberts can be like "I only appear in Ocean's _____ movies now"
funkothealmighty (5:41:41 PM):what about Ocean's Space
funkothealmighty (5:41:54 PM):its a remake of star trek 2
riverscuomo172 (5:43:24 PM):so they go to Genesis and Spock dies and Ricardo Montalban is resurrected from the dead
funkothealmighty (5:44:03 PM):yeah
funkothealmighty (5:44:07 PM):exactly
riverscuomo172 (5:44:22 PM):KHAAAAAAAANNNNNN (is alive!)
funkothealmighty (5:44:27 PM):ha
riverscuomo172 (5:44:43 PM):that sounds like a good musical version
riverscuomo172 (5:44:48 PM):Khan's Alive!
funkothealmighty (5:46:19 PM):that is a good album
riverscuomo172 (5:46:50 PM):oh yeah
riverscuomo172 (5:47:04 PM):Frampton plays a talkbox solo that saves the Enterprise
funkothealmighty (5:47:54 PM):from the future
riverscuomo172 (5:48:24 PM):yes
riverscuomo172 (5:48:36 PM):the Frampture
riverscuomo172 (5:51:36 PM):populated only by people who bought the record and close personal friends of Frampton
funkothealmighty (5:51:52 PM):like ghandi
riverscuomo172 (5:52:04 PM):yeah that's what I was thinking of
funkothealmighty (5:52:49 PM):nyquil taking effect


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