Sunday, February 1, 2009

2 out of 3 dentist recommend ASSASSINS!

artzachary (6:48:19 PM):BEN how often do you brush your teeth
artzachary (6:48:25 PM):also hello
funkothealmighty (6:48:29 PM):2 times a day
funkothealmighty (6:48:32 PM):sometimes more
artzachary (6:48:36 PM):ok
artzachary (6:48:38 PM):good
funkothealmighty (6:48:41 PM):why?
artzachary (6:48:59 PM):i'm looking at this internet forum where people claim that they only brush once in a week
artzachary (6:49:03 PM):and my very humanity is shaken
funkothealmighty (6:49:14 PM):...
funkothealmighty (6:49:19 PM):maybe
funkothealmighty (6:49:25 PM):they are actually assassins
funkothealmighty (6:49:30 PM):or get in fights alot
funkothealmighty (6:49:34 PM):and when they bite someone
artzachary (6:49:41 PM):it's like poison
funkothealmighty (6:49:44 PM):they want to be like a heela monster
funkothealmighty (6:49:46 PM):yeah
funkothealmighty (6:49:50 PM):exactly
funkothealmighty (6:49:55 PM):this is my hypothesis
artzachary (6:50:00 PM):ok i hope you are right
funkothealmighty (6:50:09 PM):would that make it better?
artzachary (6:50:20 PM):not really but
artzachary (6:50:26 PM):maybe it would just be different
funkothealmighty (6:50:41 PM):like your faith in humanity would still be there
artzachary (6:50:56 PM):i already have very limited faith in humanity
funkothealmighty (6:50:57 PM):but now you would be on the look out for bad breathed assassins
funkothealmighty (6:51:13 PM):because they are more dangerous than regular assassins
artzachary (6:51:18 PM):right
artzachary (6:51:27 PM):it's at least more unpleasant
artzachary (6:51:30 PM):when they assasinate you
artzachary (6:51:38 PM):which makes it worse
funkothealmighty (6:51:41 PM):because you die a slow death


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