Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oasis Topless Bank

funkothealmighty (9:23:59 PM): if my bank was a strip club then i would like going to the bank
wes71685 (9:24:02 PM): ha ha ha
funkothealmighty (9:24:04 PM): hmmm
funkothealmighty (9:24:17 PM): im gonna write that idea down
wes71685 (9:24:31 PM): DO IT
funkothealmighty (9:24:32 PM): topless tellers
wes71685 (9:24:45 PM): that might result in mistakes
funkothealmighty (9:24:51 PM): would you tip them though?
wes71685 (9:24:55 PM): ha ha
wes71685 (9:25:02 PM): I don't know
funkothealmighty (9:25:05 PM): endless questions
wes71685 (9:25:07 PM): if you don't you'd have to pay 'em better
wes71685 (9:25:50 PM): are the desk sitting people topless?
wes71685 (9:26:05 PM): also, how do you find girls smart enough to do things and be topless?
funkothealmighty (9:26:07 PM): no
funkothealmighty (9:26:17 PM): they have tassels
wes71685 (9:26:21 PM): ha ha ha


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