Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Is Why The Future Has To Wait

wes71685 (1:38:43 AM): I need a robot me
wes71685 (1:38:46 AM): that does all the lame stuff
wes71685 (1:38:58 AM): like I'm about to get into an argument
wes71685 (1:39:07 AM): "hold on"
wes71685 (1:39:10 AM): "robot me, activate!"
wes71685 (1:39:17 AM): then he just tells me how it went
funkothealmighty (1:39:42 AM): lol
funkothealmighty (1:39:44 AM): later
funkothealmighty (1:39:58 AM): "I gave him your savings to calm him down."
funkothealmighty (1:40:05 AM): "Wait what?! Robo-me!"
wes71685 (1:40:19 AM): making terrible decisions
wes71685 (1:40:57 AM): "you and your wife are divorced"
wes71685 (1:41:05 AM): "I decided to just kill the police officer"
wes71685 (1:41:21 AM): "I bought the car for $3000 over sticker price"
wes71685 (1:41:38 AM): "you got a demotion instead of a promotion"
wes71685 (1:41:54 AM): "you're dating a real real ugly girl"
wes71685 (1:42:22 AM): "I think you're wanted for robbery"
funkothealmighty (1:42:22 AM): ha ha ha
funkothealmighty (1:42:27 AM): it makes terrible decisions
funkothealmighty (1:42:36 AM): but it can also determine beauty
funkothealmighty (1:42:38 AM): somehow
wes71685 (1:42:41 AM): ha ha


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