Saturday, February 14, 2009

I get a new nickname, Richard discovers he may not be the best lover.

Mrmuppy (12:19:34 AM): yea, well that's your new name
Mrmuppy (12:19:37 AM): Ben-Jammin'
funkothealmighty (12:19:46 AM): ok
funkothealmighty (12:19:52 AM): when was this decided?
Mrmuppy (12:19:52 AM): imagine someone says
Mrmuppy (12:19:59 AM): quickly, who are you, and how did you spend your afternoon?
Mrmuppy (12:20:04 AM): and you can respond "Ben-Jammin'"
Mrmuppy (12:20:09 AM): and deal with both questions simultaenously
funkothealmighty (12:20:14 AM): HA
funkothealmighty (12:20:24 AM): my name is my past
Mrmuppy (12:20:30 AM): haw
Mrmuppy (12:22:55 AM): "baby, you ready for this?"
"I dunno, my husband might be -"
"Oh god! My placenta!"
"Say my name! And also say the activities I have engaged in"
funkothealmighty (12:23:09 AM): ha ha ha
funkothealmighty (12:23:20 AM): if i get alfred and cleaning up after batman
funkothealmighty (12:23:25 AM): I'll know something is wrong
Mrmuppy (12:23:30 AM): hahahaha
Mrmuppy (12:23:34 AM): god
Mrmuppy (12:23:45 AM): I'm imagining a hundred hilarious answers to that
Mrmuppy (12:23:50 AM): as women fantasize about other men
Mrmuppy (12:23:52 AM): while you jam them
Mrmuppy (12:24:13 AM): "david bowie! weaing codpieces!"
Mrmuppy (12:24:29 AM): "ohhh kissinger, assassinate more asians for me!"


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