Wednesday, March 25, 2009

twisted gangly conservatism

funkothealmighty (10:27:34 PM): have you ever watched any twisted sisters videos?
funkothealmighty (10:27:59 PM): they're completely outrageous
funkothealmighty (10:28:03 PM): in cartoony ways
Mrmuppy (10:28:45 PM): yea
Mrmuppy (10:28:46 PM): I love 'em
Mrmuppy (10:28:49 PM): the 80's was weird
Mrmuppy (10:28:54 PM): but lovable
funkothealmighty (10:29:12 PM): ha ha ha
funkothealmighty (10:29:21 PM): like the uncle that tried to twiddle you
Mrmuppy (10:29:21 PM): rainbow brite
Mrmuppy (10:29:28 PM): yea, he didn't just try
Mrmuppy (10:29:32 PM): *sad look*
funkothealmighty (10:29:37 PM): Oh No Richard
funkothealmighty (10:29:40 PM): you have to tell someone
funkothealmighty (10:29:51 PM): about Uncle Tom and his freedom fingers
Mrmuppy (10:30:00 PM): wow
Mrmuppy (10:36:10 PM): o'reilly wrote a book called "a bold fresh piece of humanity"
Mrmuppy (10:36:13 PM): what the fuck even is this
funkothealmighty (10:36:20 PM): what does that mean?
funkothealmighty (10:36:30 PM): is it a biography of his penis?
Mrmuppy (10:36:39 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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