Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Email Etiquette

riverscuomo172 (11:43:10 PM): I am going to send the department a letter
funkothealmighty (11:43:17 PM): about?
riverscuomo172 (11:47:50 PM): reading
riverscuomo172 (11:47:50 PM): RE: Stop Words
funkothealmighty (11:47:59 PM): lol
funkothealmighty (11:48:05 PM): oooh
funkothealmighty (11:48:10 PM): gonna anger the administration
riverscuomo172 (11:48:48 PM): yeah!
riverscuomo172 (11:48:53 PM): they'll know why
funkothealmighty (11:51:04 PM): oh yeah?
riverscuomo172 (11:54:36 PM): haha they won't
funkothealmighty (11:54:47 PM): yeah
funkothealmighty (11:55:21 PM): i would think RE: Stop Words would be pretty cryptic
riverscuomo172 (11:57:26 PM): it would get spam filtered
riverscuomo172 (11:57:34 PM): along with C1AL1S
funkothealmighty (11:57:39 PM): lol
funkothealmighty (11:58:37 PM): oooh i should try that
funkothealmighty (11:58:44 PM): "oh i sent you the email"
funkothealmighty (11:58:57 PM): "Oh really i didn't get it what was the subject?"
funkothealmighty (11:59:06 PM): "Is your penis big enough for her?"
riverscuomo172 (12:02:03 AM): lolol yes
funkothealmighty (12:03:19 AM): math is so boring and terrible
riverscuomo172 (12:03:50 AM): write a novel about math wars
funkothealmighty (12:04:16 AM): THE FIGHT FOR BRIGADOON!
funkothealmighty (12:04:44 AM): the sub heading will be
funkothealmighty (12:05:09 AM): A journey through complex numbers (and feelings)
riverscuomo172 (12:05:55 AM): one chapter is called "Larry Bird's Bridge to Mathtown"
funkothealmighty (12:06:31 AM): another chapter "Why The Oceans Hate Joey Lawrence"
funkothealmighty (12:06:42 AM): critics will dislike the message it sends
funkothealmighty (12:06:48 AM): mainly because it has no math in it
riverscuomo172 (12:08:27 AM): "Too much Blossom, not enough numbers"
funkothealmighty (12:08:55 AM): exactly
funkothealmighty (12:08:59 AM): not enough six
riverscuomo172 (12:09:30 AM): "It feels like Connors is overcompensating for his sevens."
funkothealmighty (12:10:04 AM): this is a possible review
riverscuomo172 (12:12:33 AM): for a possible book


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