Friday, November 20, 2009


b**: man
one day
im gonna write a software package
and call it MILF
w**: DO IT
b**: man i would never play a video game called that
w**: why?
b**: i dunno
just don't feel like it'd be a game i'd like to play
w**: Mario's Intergalactic Lunar Fortress
b**: hmm
i would play that game
you win
w**: wooooooo
hooray for a win
b**: Marios Intergalactic Lunar Fuck
w**: hott
b**: Mario I'd Like to Fuck
w**: ha ha ha
b**: actually that game would be called
w**: g-ross
b**: "Mario, I'd like to Fuck"
notice the comma
w**: it's noticed
b**: it changes the meaning drastically
on could mean that you have found a mario that you would like to fuck and the relationship may or may not be gay since the mario in question could be a girl
the other
is definitely gay
since you are telling Mario
that you want to bump uglies with him
w**: who says it's with him though?
maybe mario is banging some chick
and you want your turn
b**: you bring up a good question
it could be a demand I guess
oooh I know how to fix this
"Mario... I'd like to fuck"
w**: ha ha ha
ellipses save the day!
b**: ha ha ha
they save every day...


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