Sunday, September 27, 2009


funkothealmighty (1:56:45 PM): i can't wait until school is done
funkothealmighty (1:56:52 PM): i want to move back wherever you guys are at
funkothealmighty (1:56:59 PM): so we can live on the same block or something
funkothealmighty (1:57:16 PM): and then we'll form a block association voting block
funkothealmighty (1:57:28 PM): and get our neighborhood renamed "Bartertown"
Mrmuppy (1:57:46 PM): HA
Mrmuppy (1:57:51 PM): who will run it though?
Mrmuppy (1:57:55 PM): art can ride my shoulders
Mrmuppy (1:58:06 PM): and liam can drive a car
Mrmuppy (1:58:10 PM): and you can wear suggestive chain mail
Mrmuppy (1:58:15 PM): IT"LL BE SO FUCKING RAD
funkothealmighty (1:58:16 PM): the rest of our neighbors just get pissed
funkothealmighty (1:58:33 PM): "Guys I have kids."
funkothealmighty (1:58:57 PM): "Ok Mr. McNoFunerson. BREAK A DEAL SPIN THE WHEEL!"
Mrmuppy (1:59:17 PM): GULAG
Mrmuppy (1:59:25 PM): we have weekly raids of the businesses with giant heads
Mrmuppy (1:59:36 PM): cause we need 'em for punishment
Mrmuppy (1:59:44 PM): they begin to get suspicious
Mrmuppy (1:59:48 PM): cause people keep showing up
Mrmuppy (1:59:51 PM): with giant heads on horses
Mrmuppy (2:00:00 PM): and they trace the pattern of giant head horse dudes back to us
Mrmuppy (2:00:06 PM): we're right in the center of the sightings
Mrmuppy (2:00:18 PM): also we have a giant wheel, and a replica of the set
Mrmuppy (2:00:20 PM): that tips them off
funkothealmighty (2:00:33 PM): ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


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